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Sell Local in Atlanta or Abroad

Whether you’re selling locally or internationally, having a website which sells your products for you 24/7, will be a great idea for increasing your business revenue.  Even if you have a physical storefront, having an online store will not only increase awareness, but allow you to receive more sales.

We’re slowly becoming a society that expects immediate results in whatever we do.  It’s far easier for someone to view all your products via your website from the comfort of their home than it is to drive all the way to your actual store in Atlanta rush hour.  Many people also have busy schedules and because of this may not find the time to actually make it to your store.  Offering them a good online solution will ensure you don’t miss a single sale.

E-commerce online store, let's sell your products in Atlanta or abroad.

E-commerce Platform Options

There are many online shopping cart e-commerce frameworks available.  Which should you choose?  
Well, there’s never one answer that fits everyone.  We’ve worked with many, but here our are favorites.

E-commerce Platforms

WordPress with WooCommerce

This is a powerful combination and fits the needs of most small businesses in Atlanta. WooCommerce is a very extensive e-commerce plugin that can handle almost anything you throw at it. On top of this, you’ll also have all the basic WordPress functionality which will allow you to easily expand the content of your site.  The downside is that it requires a little bit more tweaking out of the box and sometimes a couple plugins if you have a not so standard selling process.

If you already have a blog, this is an easy pick. If not, take a look at our WordPress services to learn more about this content management system.


This online shopping cart is almost entirely focused on selling products. Most small businesses will find everything they need already packed into Magento and no need for additional plugins. It handles product variations and attributes very well, so if you have more complex products, then this might be a good choice for you.

The downside of Magento is that the administration area is a bit less user-friendly than WordPress. It’s also not as easy to manipulate normal content, so if you plan on adding a lot of information outside your store, then stick to WordPress.

Custom e-commerce solution

We build out custom platforms for businesses that don't fit into the usual e-commerce mold.  This option can be great for sites that have extra features or customer information that needs to be collected.  They're also essential for sites that have a lot more sales.  While custom websites like this usually take longer to build out, they look a lot more unique than their traditional counterparts and generally run much faster.

Building out a custom shopping cart can be done in many ways, but we usually recommend using a framework like  Ruby on Rails or Django depending the type of customization you need.

We build great and affordable e-Commerce websites with powerful CMS admin.

Custom Shopping Carts

Echo 5 Atlanta Web design also develops e-commerce online shopping carts built from scratch.  Depending on what type of business you plan to do, we can recommend this option or building on top of one of the existing frameworks.  We’ve worked with many clients to build out custom solutions and streamline their work process..  This can really automate things and take the day-to-day hassle out of running your online store.

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