What we need to get started.

Style guides

Any pre-existing branding or style guides that we should follow.

DNS credentials

Where your domain was purchased in case we need to point it to a new server.

Content & images

Images, text, and anything else you have to create all the pages for the site.

Hosting credentials & logins

Cpanel, FTP, and SSH logins if available. The more we have, the faster we can work.

API keys

API keys or shared access if using a service like Mailchimp, PayPal, or any other third party service.



We use Asana in-house to coordinate task assignment and manage projects using an agile workflow.  You can integrate with our system and monitor progression of tasks or simply use email to stay in touch with us. We don't believe in forcing you into our own workflow, so use whatever you're most comfortable with.

To learn a bit how we use Asana, check out our post on how we use Asana to handle projects.

About Echo 5 Web Design

Google Drive.


We'll create a shared Google drive for you to add all your content. Simply drag and drop all of your images, text, and other content into this folder and we'll take care of the rest.

Our Process.

Web design and development can generally be split into the following phases to better manage and create consistent products.

1. Planning & Scope Definition

Every web project has different needs and this process should begin by understanding those needs. Discovery is crucial to what your project needs to be successful and the best way to execute that idea.

2. Design & Revisions

Hashing out high-fidelity mockups initially lets us start to form the styles and aesthetics around your site.  By revising and refining this design, we save countless hours later in development revisions. Nailing down color schemes, typography choices, and general layout is important during this phase.

3. Development & Testing

Backend and front-end development generally take up the bulk of the web project. Once we've implemented a feature set we'll review with you and weed out any remaining bugs prior to launch.  Developing on our staging server allows us to quickly roll out new features and test before moving to production.

4. Launch & Production

Finally, we handle final deployment and launch to your server, making sure all features are working and ironing out any last bugs.


Ongoing Maintenance

Websites and applications often require ongoing work, whether that's scaling to adapt to more customers, bug fixes, or adding new features. We offer continued hourly support and maintenance on your site.

Any Questions?

This guide covers most project needs, but all projects are unique.  If you have a question about how something works or need help, feel free to send us an email.

Ready to build something?