Custom Applications

Laravel is a developer’s dream. Yes, it’s true that you could build out a custom application with a lot of features already built into it. For example, WordPress can be great for small scale applications. But at some point, you spend more hours trying to hack your way around the WordPress core than just developing your own system in Laravel. With this kind of PHP framework you really can mold it to fit exactly what you want for your website in both the front-end and back-end.

Save Time & Money

PHP frameworks give you the bare essentials and structure to write good solid code. But because of the file structure and code modularity, you’re not only getting a safe, secure system, but also one that can be added to over time. Using “procedural code” is generally not very smart and will cause major problems if you ever decide to sway from the original application outline. With Laravel, you’re using MVC (Model View Controller) which separates the code into meaningful chunks that can be added to without breaking the functionality of your website.

Application Scaling

Because you’re building out a custom application with Laravel, you can really keep the system lightweight and not end up with a bloated, slow application. Besides great user interface, it’s also known for being extremely scalable. Meaning that when you do grow your user base into something extraordinary, your Laravel application will be able to accommodate and expand with your business.

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