Did you know that 58% of people don’t even bother to check results past the first page when doing a Google search?  If your website isn’t ranked on the first page for any terms, you’re probably not getting much traffic.

In order to increase website sales you need to get more web exposure. The best way to do this in the long run is through SEO.  Short term strategies include paid advertising and email campaigns if you already have a solid list of emails.  But these can be costly and hard to build whereas SEO requires far less investment and you can continue to see the effects for years.

Keyword Campaigns

No matter what scale your business, online marketing campaigns are vital and competitive.  Echo 5 Atlanta Web Design helps you with keyword list planning and campaign tracking top optimize your keywords.

Analytics and Tracking

Analytics and tracking are key to determining market strategy.  Monitoring the performance of your website can ensure your marketing and branding are on the right path and leading you towards your goals.

Directory Backlinks

When a webpage other than your own links to yours, it’s called a backlink.  A web page with many backlinks ranks higher with all major search engines.  It's a great way to improve organic ranking of your website.

Social Media

Social media presence and reviews can help solidify consumer trust in your business.  Building a good online reputation with social media is essential these days to increase brand recognition and awareness while developing a loyal community.

Local Business Listings

Citations, defined as mentions of your business name and information on other webpages, are important to any local search marketing campaign.  Businesses with a greater number of citations rank higher than businesses with fewer citations in all major search engines.


How does it work?

We discuss your business goals with you and decide on your target audience to help curate a list of keywords.  Once we've determined what you want to rank for, we build out a long-term strategy to best reach those goals.  We offer strategy consultation in addition to weekly content creation and organic backlink building plans.

Proven tactics & Tangible results

Echo 5 Atlanta Web Design doesn’t use link wheels, sketchy backlinks, or snake oil.  We use proven tactics that are Google-safe and give you palpable results.  We won’t promise to rank you #1 or that you’ll have more traffic than Facebook, but we have a good track record of getting clients ranked very high and usually on top of their competitors.

Many SEO experts will claim to get you ranked #1 in Google in no time flat.  This should be a red flag and you should run, not walk, away.  Increasing your Google rank doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes months (usually 2-3 at a minimum) to really start seeing results.  Anything faster than this is probably using “Black Hat SEO” tactics and will get your website penalized by Google.  Don’t take this risk.

SEO Outside Atlanta

Not in the Atlanta area?  Not a problem.  Echo 5 Web Atlanta Design offers premium SEO service and consultation outside Metro Atlanta and beyond.  If you’re an international client, we do provide on-page SEO help, however we can’t help tailor keyword campaigns that aren’t in English.


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