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The most commonly used language on the web and one very compatible with most servers out of the box.  PHP is used for building everything from WordPress websites and plugins to custom web apps with Laravel or Symfony.  

Backend and APIs

Most people don't realize that mobile apps need a backend web app to store and handle data.  We design and build out database schemas and secure APIs to communicate the information needed to these apps.


We build most of our applications in Ruby on Rails now as it has matured and become a great framework for building out applications.  From Saas apps to in-house company software, Ruby on Rails is a strong option.


We build python apps and websites using Django and Flask.  Django has a huge community of packages perfect for building scalable websites and apps.  With the ability to handle large amounts of traffic, Python applications are used in some of the biggest names on the web.


What's the right choice for my web application?

The right technology for your app can depend on a lot of factors.  Choosing the right one will ultimately save on costs and make for a better product.  If you have questions about which is right for you, we can help.

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