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Echo 5 Atlanta Web Design has years of experience in designing many different types of websites, from super creative to corporate and professional.  We’ve helped over 50 businesses in Atlanta improve their web image and online presence.

Web Design

Every website starts with a basic idea and hopefully some level of branding.  We start by taking your company identity and trying to best match the style in a website.  Using existing websites, we can better understand the style you’re after and the style of your competition.

Once we have a better idea of what you’re after, we craft a design concept in Photoshop.  For large projects we may create wireframes before this to smooth out potential navigation issues.  Creating a mockup in Photoshop first saves us time in development hours down the road.  If you decide there’s something you don’t like about the design, we can easily change this without reprogramming half your website.

We also take into account user interface and user experience (UI/UX).  Your website should be responsive, easy to navigate, and quickly allow users to access important features on your website.  A website with good user interface ranks higher in search engine, which is very important to your SEO.

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We deliver high quality web design and professional yet affordable websites.
Our experienced developers build professional websites with the best UX design. Our experienced developers build professional websites with the best UX design.

Web Development

The terms “web design” and “web development” are often lumped together, however they have pretty different meanings. Development is the actual coding of your website and only happens after your website has been mocked up and fleshed out.

It’s possible to jump directly in development, but we hardly ever recommend this. Having a concept for your website at first, no matter how simple, can prevent wasted hours in development and save you money on your website.

Developing any website starts with picking the correct technologies for the website. Both developers and website owners are often guilty of using a one size fits all technique. And people often tend to go with what they’re familiar with and what they’ve used in the past. Just because someone is solely a WordPress developer or a Drupal developer does not mean this is always the right choice for the client’s website. This can be a big mistake and quickly run you into a dead end. Each has its own benefits when it comes to management, SEO, usability, and expansion.

Picking the correct tools requires defining the goals of the client’s business first. But more importantly it requires staying up-to-date with the latest programming languages and practices. At Echo 5 Atlanta Web Design, we re-evaluate what languages are useful every 6 months and spend time to learn new web development practices and keep our skill set well-rounded. Being a great developer means staying fresh and always learning new things.

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